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Epe Kayokayo: Corporate Sponsors Line Up Their Support



              By Cami Ezenwa

By the time this year’s edition of Epe Kayokayo kicks off on September 14, there would be no scarcity of corporate backing, either in the form of cash or products.

This is because quiet a number of them have bought into the programme, which offers tremendous advantage for both products/services sale and public goodwill.

Being a cultural cum religious fiesta, by one of the most intriguing towns in Lagos, and  which has witnessed tremendous transformation in the recent, the readiness to partner is quite understandable.


In any case, people like to be part of a refreshing cultural displays, pageants and recreation, all of which would showcase at the festival.

Epe Kayokayo is a yearly traditional festival held to commemorate the arrival of King Kosoko to Eko-Epe in 1851 and the new Islamic calendar year.

Over time, it had become a rallying point of sorts for the sons and daughters of the kingdom, joined by friends and associates to savour the great offerings of the festival.


In the course of last year’s celebration, the Olu-Epe of Epe Kingdom, His Royal Majesty, Oba Shefiu Olatunji Adewale, had briefed newsmen in his palace, where he provided a background to the celebrations.

According to him,  the festival is dear to the traditional mores of the Epe community

“Kayokayo, which literally means, ‘eating to satisfaction,’ is a New Year celebration, with expanded scope to feature fashion parade, health awareness and screening, cultural displays, youth parade and other displays.


“King Kosoko in 1851 laid the foundation of Eko-Epe with his coming with 1500 people. We have always commemorated that. And we will be at the marine side, in boats, to mimic how Kosoko came to Epe. It is the display of culture at its best.”

Below is a listing of some companies which are partnering with the Epe people to deliver a great festival:



Kia Motors

Access Bank

First Bank




Esplicit limited



Laralek Ultimate Ltd.

However, it would not be a surprise if by the commencement of the fiesta, doublt this number has enlisted. Aside the mouth-watering offerings, there is no doubt that there would be a massive crowd, such that any foresighted organisation or corporate player would seek to maximise.


Major highlights of the festival include:

  1. Kayokayo carnival competition
  2. Kayokayo empowerment raffle draw
  3. Royal procession to the marina water front for Al-Kaosara bath (cold bath)
  4. Display of Noah’s/King Kosoko boat
  5. Reception with top artistes and Djs
  6. Annual royal Kayokayo prayer at water front with giant Etufu by Olu Epe of Epe kingdom