When Frustration Creeps Into A Marriage, This Is What Happens!

Shot of a couple having a disagreement at home

By Paul Imagbudu

When frustration creeps into a marriage, it tends to either destroy the marriage or cause damages.
Now let’s look at the story of Kunle Adegoke and Nifemi Adegoke a wonderful couple who have been married for over 12years.

Suddenly however, comes the challenges of life, and it hit them like a golf ball, leaving behind frustrations .

Mr. Kunle used to work for a good company before but he was forced to resign because they were owing him salary for about six months.

On the other hand, his wife was a full house wife during the period where he was working but now they are all on their toes and finally his wife started a business which was lucrative and the family was comfortable again the husband also started the same business with her much later which was exporting and importing of traditional wears from Ghana to Nigeria.


A couple trying to settle a matter

Along the line jealousy started for the fact that the wife was making more money the him then thoughts started coming in his mind that his wife is probably cheating on him that’s why she’s getting more money.

Just for peace to reign the wife had to stop the work to look for another job which took a long while.
Now the husband also is idle back to square one during this period the frustration started and whenever there’s an argument it resulted into violence this went on for a while.
Things are really rough for them now,the husband just started a transport business riding “keke nape” the wife had to sell somethings just to pay for her 8year old son’s school fees while she still had to cater for her 2year old daughter as well.

Finally she got a job as an attendant in a fueling station struggled to get a new phone for proper communication now on this faithful day she was on a call with someone then he started yelling at her to get off the phone then he tried to forcefully collect the phone from her and it resulted into a fight where the he beat her up that she fell into an unconscious state and she got out she then decided that she was going to leave the house with her children she cannot handle it anymore she as giving she’s starting a life of a single mother.

This was not the man she married she said the man I married was filled with joy and love but now it’s a different ball game he’s now filled with anger and brutality with no remorse.
Now the question is; is leaving the house the solution to this present situation.

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