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Can Innovative Science And Technology Address Climate Change Burdens?



Science And Technology Address Climate Change Burdens

By Cami Ezenwa

Can Innovative Science And Technology Address Climate Change Burdens?

The above question will remain a dominant theme, will, for the next few days, remain a dominant issue in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) where the world is currently seeking to address climate change.


The summit is under the auspices of COP28, the 28th annual United Nations (UN) climate meeting, and has delegates flying in from across the world.

Armed with their national aspirations and expectations on the environment, they would, on a larger scale, be seeking to proffer solutions to a myriad of environment and climate problems afflicting our earth.

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In view are such issues as emissions, greenhouse gas, generating power burning fossils etc, hence the question: can innovative science and technology address climate change burdens?

Indeed, what is the role of science and technology in containing challenges of climate change.

Role of science and technology


What really can any society do without the help of science and technology? Literally nothing, in the sense that all the things that make life worth living are products of science and technology. Industrial activities are powered by science and technology inventions, in basically any field you can think of. From medical research to air, land and sea travel; from internet access to modern agriculture, it like nothing without science and technology.

COP28 Delegates at the opening ceremony

-even as basic as smart phones, products and processes of science and technology have become interwoven with our life and existence, that life and living would almost become an impossibility without them

The utility values remain unquantifiable, as they save us time, help our efficiently, and delivery of value.

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Though held responsible for rising carbon emissions, technology has also impacted:

Think in terms of Advanced clean energy technologies, environmental monitoring systems, and efficient conservation methods aid in preserving natural resources, mitigating climate change, and ensuring a sustainable future, you would appreciate the great value that science and technology, as a field has bequetted us

Industry enthusiasm over lithium ion batteries is essentially because it stands to help deliver on lower cost, extended life, enhanced energy density, increased safety, and faster charging.


Put in another way, science and technology is already pioneering more sustainable and and more environmental-friendly products

In other words, as the delegates seek more from this ever evolving field, it must first acknowledge, the leaps that science and technology had already helped us take, before then, asking for more.

Out of Dubai should thus ensure real transformative environment and climate action, based on sustaining the gains already won.


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Yet, can innovative science and technology address climate change burdens? Yes, because the hope of the world lies on science and technology for more innovative and efficiency-driven deployment of robotic engineering responding to challenges in the field of security of lives and property, manufacturing processes and even the logistics and delivery sector.

Emissions control mechanisms


It has been stated how artificial intelligence for example, could be a decisive introduction in energy and human capacity management processes.

If COP28 would achieve one of its expected main tasks on low-or zero- emissions, it would be with science engineering and technology innovations at driving wheel.

As already inferred emissions reduction euphemisms like renewable energy, rechargeable batteries, and electric vehicles are literally hooking on the door of science and technology engineering to advance.


-Here, the UK’s Royal Society sentiments on new lithium ion batteries for example is deserving of a mention.

Especially from the point of view of lower costs against extended life, faster charge rate and ease of recycling, it resonates with the grand pursuit for more environmental-friendly industrial and domestic activities.

The Eagle reports that the UAE has already marshalled its best, widely acknowledged to have lent much to the global efforts towards a safer environment.


can innovative science and technology address climate change burdens? The question should only be answered in the affirmative.

While activities at UAE unfold, there is a high expectation that for a more decisive answer, a response that goes beyond rhetoric would ensue.

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