Alma Mater Manager Laments Challenging Business Environment

By Obi Lydia Christy

Mr Falayi Eniola, Manager at Alma Mater Ltd, based in Lagos has said that the Nigerian business environment had become challenging and as a result affecting the company’s profitability.

Mr Eniola who said this during an interview with our reporter, added however that the company would continue to give quality service to her customers.

He said as a company that Alma Master would also continue to treat its employees well.

The manager said the promotions company was also notable in both design and sales of clothes,  adding that the company had in place, corporate plans to enable it satisfy the needs of its clientele.

One way it ensures that it delivers customers expectation, he said was through employment of the right caliber and number of workers.

According to him, adequate staffing was critical to delivering on business targets and the company was well conscious of this fact.

According to him though a serious minded company, the lines of communication were also open for boht workers and customers

He said though there were challenges, as was the case with all corporate players, that his firm was however capable of handling any issues relating to either business or clients.


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