Challenging Economic Situation In The Country—Nigerians Speak

By Adefioye Iyunade Rose

As a business man, the rate at which goods are dumped in the market without quick sales is very high and this has actually led to the continuation of struggle for survival.

Two, three years back, you can conveniently afford five square meals a day but now, it very hard to eat even one square meal because of the increase in price of goods.

A bag of rice used to be N7,000-N7,500 but now, you will get it at nothing less than N12,000, or N14, 000..

Mr Ayodele Samuel Olabode, Event Planner and Decorator


The Federal government planning on to reduce budget at this crucial period when they should be more concerned on how to bring us out of the recession. The birthrate keeps increasing which means more people would be living by 2019, yet they want to reduce the budget.

They want to reduce budget instead of creating more job opportunities at least to eradicate poverty, providing the basic needs (foods, clothes and shelters) especially in the rural areas. Look at the people in Nigeria, most do not live on N750  daily as recommended by the United Nations.

-Mr Timothy Onabanjo, student of Federal University Technology, Akure (FUTA)


It is the worst i have experienced. The economy has stolen a lot from the citizens, many opportunities have been lost. Did you noticed that this year, the popular Maltina Dance competition has not been held, no Guilder Ultimate Search, no Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, no Glo Naija sings, and  no MTN Project Fame

Nigerians are hungry and angry. For those who do not know what economy is all about, Nigeria must not continue like this next year. Economy should be restructured either through a change in government or other means.

-Mr Samuel Isaiah, I.T Personal, Vetebra AD-VOC

Our economy has become very bad to the extent that it’s beginning to affect the country itself in many other ways. For example, the Nigeria government cannot pay it workers’ salaries. The issue of minimum wage is one of the problems affecting our economy. The economy condition has brought many households hardship, suffering and afflictions.   Look at our present feeding formula – 0-0-1, 1-1-0, 1-0-1. I see the Nigeria economy as a sinking ship and its really affecting the passengers on board. If care is not taken, as in proper measure, we might not survive the wreckage, because the economy is in critical condition.

-Prince Adeleye Adesuyi, graduate of Banking and Finance, Ondo State Polytechnics,


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