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Why Nigeria Must Scrap The Naira – Ex Lawmaker



Why Nigeria Must Discard The Naira – Ex Lawmaker

Former Kaduna Central lawmaker, Shehu Sani has said West African countries should discard their currencies and adopt a single currency in the region.

Sani opined that Ghana, Sierra leone, Nigeria and all French speaking West African countries should discard their respective currencies and come together to operate a single currency.

He noted that if Germany, Italy, Greece and France could set aside their strong currencies to achieve this feat then West Africa has no excuse in not also doing so to achieve economic prosperity.

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Via Twitter, Sani wrote, “Nigeria should discard the Naira. Ghana should discard the Cedi. Gambia should discard the Dalasi. Sierra leone should discard the Leone. All the French Speaking West Africa should discard the CFA. It’s time for West Africa to have a Single Currency. I still wonder why it’s so difficult to achieve this.


“If Germany, Italy, Greece and France can sacrifice their strong and historical currencies for the collective good of their continent, We have no reason not to sacrifice our territorial bank notes for our common economic prosperity.”

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