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We Should Be More Concerned With Content Of Songs Youths Are Singing Now – Neo Phlames



Adeniyi Adewoyin, also known as Neo Phlames, is a young upcoming artiste. He sang Arambada and Logba, among others. In this interview, he shares his musical experience, aspirations and his belief in the Nigerian musical industry.

What brought you into music?
Music to me is actually a passion, I can’t describe how I got into doing music but i know i have been a music lover since childhood. I listened to the likes of Plantashun boiz, remedies and some foreign musics back then where I learnt how to sing. So for me, its a way of life and its the path i have chosen for no reason.

So can we say music is just a call you have to be conformed with?

What is your own genre of music?
I do Afro pop, Dancehall, Urban highlife. I am not limited to a particular genre, I will like to say I do Nigerian music.


Does that mean you don’t have a specific genre?
I do have. I am just trying to say I am versatile.

How many songs have you released so far?
I have done a couple of songs but two officially, which are Arambada and Logba.

The number of youths coming into the music industry today is alarming, what do you think is the reason for this?
Well, for me, I would say maybe more youths are answering their calls in that line of career or some got inspired and decided to do music. Doing music does not mean you were called to do it, some may just love it and decide to give it a try. I think what we should be worried about is the content of the songs these youths are bringing out.


What makes your own song unique among your colleagues and in this present time?
That is the ability to write meaningful songs complimented with good rythms. My songs carry strong messages relatable to both young and old. My songs are evergreen. That is my uniqueness.

How did you come about the name Neo Phlames?
I had chosen a number of names before but I just did not like them enough so one day, I went to the studio and told my producer I wanted to change my name to Phlames and he said cool but I should include Neo. That was how we came about Neo Phlames.

Who is your role model among musical artistes in the Nigerian musical industry?
Every musician doing music is my role model, but I admire 2 baba a lot.


Tell us who Neo Phlames is?
Neo Phlames is a young man who believes in himself, he is a goal getter and believer of God. I don’t depend on people but God and I believe that everything is possible if you put in more work. I love hard working people too. I studied Mass Communication at the Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH), Ikorodu.

What piece of advice do you have for your fans outside there?
They should just keep supporting me and praying for me. We will get there together. And I promise not to disappoint them.

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