To Become A Billionaire, You Need To Do These Ten Things

 Everybody desires the good life, a total package that comes with good cars, affluent homes, sustainable investments and more, but these do not fall from the sky. 

The Eagle investigations, around those who have braced the billionaire bracket have shown that it takes more than wishful thinking to control billions:

Conceive It

Idea conception to become a billionaire a billionaire

Whereas there may be some, a few indeed who have stumbled into the billionaire class without the faintest expectation, they are however in the minority. A popular saying is that you can never become what you cannot conceive.

It is almost like expecting child delivery from woman who has not first conceived.

Conception of a business idea is like a stimulation of the brain that enables it brew investible ideas.  If you are a serial entrepreneur starting to look for an idea for your next business, take time to get your brain to think and create.

Have A Detailed Plan

Planning to become a billionaire


At first the business concept may be vague and should be. It thus requires a diligent working at. At this point, you need to break down the grand idea into bits to make an achievable whole. Every single activity or task should be broken down to achievable bits.  

A Business Plan therefore is that document that articulates the operational journey of the business,with eyes keen on strength, weakness, opportunities and threats that abound.

The Plan develops all of the procedures and strategies necessary and remains an indispensable tool in a business project

Emet Gurel and Merba Tat, while underscoring the importance of strategic planning, in  The Journal of International Social Research, said it is a way to help an organisation be more productive. It helps  to guide the allocation of resources maximum results. It is a strategic management tool.

Wake Up Early

Waking up 5am to become a billionaire

Waking up early is a common trait of most successful billionaires, with some confessing that they wake as early as 5am. It is given, that the eagerness to resume from where he stopped the day previous, fine-tune strategies, and catch up with lined appointments would obviously fire the billionaire out of bed early. In fact, there is a feeling of total discomfort that assails his bed once the hand of the clock begins to glide towards morning. The air is saner in the early mornings, and the brain is not yet bombarded.

Work, But Much More Think

thinking to become a billionaire

The billions are certainly not for the lazy. But then too much work without thinking is foolishness. Most of the time, the trophies are for fellows who are strategic in thinking than to those with physical ability not backed with sanitised thoughts. Your thinking should be retrospective as much as introspective. As an investor, you must interrogate the past and use the responses to engage the future,


Value Relationships, Build People’

building relationships to become a billionaire

People are the greatest assets that anyone would ever need to succeed in business, and in life. They do not all have to be up there in the hierarchy to be useful. In fact, they do not need to be as eloquent to be respected.

There is a practice in media creative workshops to bring in even cleaners at brainstorming sessions. Their sometimes senseless remarks have turned out the foundation for winner scripts for multi-million deals.

When your mantra respects people, it draws goodwill of inestimable value; the philosophy is not only respected but sometimes paid back in higher denominations. The founder of the First City Monument Bank (FCMB) in Nigeria, Otunba Subomi Balogun has once shared how mutual respect between him and former vice president of the country, Dr Alex Ekwueme sustained either party at most critical times of need.

Keep A Healthy Lifestyle

healthy lifestyle to become a billionaire

it is only in a sound body that a sound mind could dwell. While making all the money, remember to take care of your body. The gulf courses are there for occasional retreats, just like walk outs, even within the safety of your expansive compounds can do the magic.  

Trade mills for example, should be part of your primary acquisitions, and help to keep your muscles in steady health. It should be noted that none of the above should take the place of periodic medical checkups.

You need a tremendous amount of discipline too, as not to binge on just anything served or available.

Commit To Reading

reading to become a billionaire

Literature has a way with keeping the brain alert and steadily reinvigorated. Check the average successful billionaire, there is usually something of interest to read, a handy material to unwind with from time to time.

But also, there are books on other accomplished individuals, or the model that sustains your business gusto. You cannot but keep such books handy. It is given that the business could sometimes, experience hiccups or your life itself unsettled. At such times, a recourse to relevant literature may just be tonic..

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