‘Heaven is My Home’ Pastor Dies Observing 30-Day Fast


He had been used to fasting days on end, standing in the gap for family and friends, but in this particular case, he could not make it through.
His death has now left relations and church members distraught as they never anticipated that it would be his last.

Brighton Samajomba, 37, died of starvation 10 days before the end of his annual 30-day fasting programme. His assembly identified as “Heaven is My Home” is situated in the Solwezi, Northwest area of Zambia.

Relations, according to reports by NAN,  said he led a lifestyle of taking many days of prayer and fasting.

In the last case standing in the gap for his family and church members, he was already in the 20th day of 30-day fast when tragedy struck. Samajomba’s death was confirmed by his brother Reagan Samajomba in Solwezi on Wednesday.

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Reagan said the deceased Samjomba who led a lifestyle of taking on many days of prayer and fasting programmes, started his annual fasting programme on 8th of August with a view to pray for his family and church members who he wanted to remain united.

He told The Zambian Sun that, Pastor Samanjomba took on many other yearly 90 days fasting programmes during which he only had a single meal in the evening each August.

“I would say he died in the early hours, because my sister and his wife were there and took turns to check on him, and then it was time for my in law to check on him, she was with him according to her till mid night,

“Then she decided to rest, when she woke up, they had a tendency of sharing dreams with each other as partners. So she dreamt of something and wanted to tell the husband.

“But as she tried to shake him up, he was not responding and so he was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

“The only consolation that we have as a family is the way he died because he was in the closet with the Lord,” Reagan said.

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