I’m Dark Skinned And A Lot Of People Wrote Me Off…Miss NIJ

Our correspondents OYINKANSOLA MAJAAGUN, OLATUNJI OBISANYA AND ANSLEM MARTINS sat down with the newly crowned Miss NIJ Adenike Amusan in a discussion, and came out with interesting responses

Now That You Have Emerged As The New Miss NIJ; What Is Next? What Should We Expect From Your Office?

For now I would like to keep my plans under wraps; my team and I are planning something superb that we want to implement.  AS Miss NIJ, I would not be working alone, but with the other ambassadors of the school. We would be working together so that we can achieve something better.

What Challenges Did You Encounter In The Course Of Emerging MISS NIJ?
A lot to be honest, I am a dark-skinned part-time student and a lot of people wrote me off but I thank God I didn’t let that affect me.

The Pageant Involved A Lot Of Stages And Activities; Which For You Was The Most Challenging?
The catwalk section I guess, I’m not really great at it but I practiced and did my best.

From The Preparatory Stage To The D’Day, Which Was Most Challenging?

For me every time during the preparation was tough but the night before the pageantry was challenging. As at that time, I hadn’t got my complete wears for the competition. In addition, I hadn’t got my hair done. That should be a big set-back to me,  but surprisingly God made a way above all.

 Looking Back Now, How Was The Judging?
It was very fair, I really can’t complain because I am now Miss NIJ.

Did You Think You Were Going To Win From The Start?

 Never, I was trying to ignore the situation around me:  I wasn’t given the full support I needed but I believed in myself.  It wasn’t until the competition started and I saw what others were doing that I believed I could do more. That was the way God made me overcome the difficulties.

How Long Did It Take You To Prepare?

 I got prepared a long time ago, and that was the moment I stepped my foot into the school. I have always said to myself, never to leave a place without my footprint and without impacting. So the only way I could achieve that was to contest for Miss NIJ and I prepared myself towards winning.

In The Course Of Your Reign, What Projects Would You Like To Implement?

 I would not like to start listing out my plans now but I will surely do something worthy and impactful to NIJ and the people in it.

What Do You Like Most About The Pageant?

 I like the fact that the judges were not biased and as well they were real with everyone. People might think I am speaking for them now that I have won; but let the truth be told – every contestant got the result they deserve.

 Are There Other Ways You Think The Pageant Could Be Improved Upon?
I would advise that they be timelier in passing across vital information.

Generally, What Moral Lesson Have You Learnt From Competing In The Pageant?

People might look down on you but never look down on yourself.

During the practices, some people walked up to me saying I had no chance of winning but I never let that demoralise me. My advice: Just believe in yourself.

Where Do You See Yourself In The Next 5 Years?

I see myself already as Miss World. I should be going to several competitions and winning, and also impacting and influencing people into becoming who they what to become.

So, Your Parting Advice To Other Prospective Contestants Is?
Just believe in yourself ladies.

Thank You For Your Time And Congrats Once Again On Your Victory.

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