I’d Like To Be A Special Adviser To IGP, Chief Of Army Staff – Olufemi Ajadi

Bothered by the state of insecurity in the land, a grassroots mobilser, Journalist, entrepreneur, and leader of All Nigeria Youths Reoriented Movement has volunteered his expertise towards taming the problem.

The man, Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo, told The Eagle in an interview that he was ready to make his services available to the security agencies especially the office of the Inspector-General of Police, and Chief of Army Staff in the capacity of a special adviser.

Oguntoyinbo said this resolve is based on the fact that he had the wherewithal to help checkmate the rising insecurity challenge in the country, especially through the provision of intelligence information, effective liaison with grassroots people and mobilisation where necessary.

He said in his day-to-day work with different classes of people, in the field of journalism, security services, youth activism and entrepreneurship for example, that he routinely came in contact with valid information, capable of helping the security agencies excel in their work.

Oguntoyinbo who is also the Managing Director, Final Guards Security Firm, said a reason criminals evade arrest and prosecution is the absence of accurate dossier on them, saying he is equipped to provide these and more.

His stances on security challenges follows the Chief of Army Staff statement in the Punch of  6 August 2019, that his agency seeks ideas to address security challenges in the country

According to him, there is a link between the security challenges in the country and social dislocation, and this implies that the solution to the malaise would need to be multi-faceted.

To this extent, he suggested the provision and mounting of relevant equipment like CCTV in strategic areas and locations of the country.

This he said would be the first deterrent to criminals, adding that areas that are prone to attacks would be of prime consideration in where such cameras would be located.

“I am really concerned about the level of insecurity in the country. It is more worrisome because the attacks on our lives and properties could actually be prevented.

This is why I am talking about security intelligence”, he said.

On the other hand, he advised governments at different levels to put in place effective monitoring of programmes aimed at alleviating sufferings of people so that the benefits could be maximized. .

“I make this point knowing that the issue of poverty and lack of access to good living is big challenge that breeds indiscipline and violence. So a holistic advice would require programmes that build the capcit of the people to take care of themselves. I am therefore in support of government putting in place poverty alleviation programmes that must be supervised so that it is not hijacked”, he advised.

Otherwise, he advised the governments for to sustain its efforts they thus far put in place to checkmate vices in the country.

“Security provision anywhere in the world is a serious business. It is expensive but the cost of securing lives and property cannot be equated with the losses that would occur should the right precautions be ignored.

“It is my sincere advice therefore that our governments should do everything possible to have secutiry. And that is why I am offering myself”, he said.

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