‘I Have What It Takes To Serve Nigeria At Any Level’

A budding politician and grassroots leader, Olufemi  Ajadi Oguntoyinbo, has declared that he has what it takes to take up any leadership position in the country and serve Nigeria.

Ajadi, who is currently studying Mass Communication at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ) told our reporter in an interview, that his antecedents in the business world as well as in grassroots mobilisation as a youth leader have prepared him to take up any position of responsibility in the country.

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“Presently, I am the Youth Leader of my community.  I work closely with the youths, settling communal disputes. My company has been able to empower youths in the community by creating job opportunities for them.  I have done things that have prepared me for any other position of trust in the country”, he said.

 Ajadi who said he had created employment for youths at different levels through small scale entrepreneurship, wondered why governments across board were finding it difficult to create employment for Nigerians.

He described the situation as unacceptable, and as unfortunate that past administrations at different levels in the country have failed in fulfilling their contractual obligations to the electorate.

According to him, there is an initiative at the All Nigerian Youth Re-oriented Movement of which he is a coordinator to make public office holders accountable to their electoral promises.

The group, he informed, consisted of nigeians with a good heart and the commitment to bring about positive change in the Nigerian political scene.

“We have an agenda, and important issues which we are working on, and part of it is how political office holders will be held accountable for their promises. We want to make them sign an undertaking that  whatever promises they make to Nigerians, that after their tenure and they failed to deliver, that they would be summoned and prosecuted”, he said.

He said his decision to study Mass Communication was in his appreciation of the important role that the mass media could play both in information dissemination and the revelation of malpractices in the country.

He added: “The media of Mass Communication is to promote the good of individuals and communities, while, also exposing evil deeds as well. Information is key; the more information you are exposed to the better for you”, adding that by virtue of its constitutional powers and duties especially ensuring transparency in governance, that media work just suits him.

Ajadi described journalism as the arsenal he would use to expose bad deeds in society pending when he ascends a leadership position.

On what it takes to be a good leader, Ajadi mentioned vision, compassion, determination and foresight decrying the situation whereby people who do not possess the least of these still parade themselves as politicians.

According to him, people like Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr, demonstrated true leadership with self sacrifices they made, adding that anyone seeking to lead should first make required sacrifices.

Unfortunately, he said, most of the people aspiring to political offices in the country currently, lack these leadership qualities.  

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