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Bullion Records Signs Rising Star GyC in Landmark Music Deal



By Ibrahim Kegbegbe

In a big move that is changing the music industry, Bullion Records, a growing player in music, has officially signed on GyC, a rising star in modern music.

The signing happened at Bullion Headquarters in Torotoro, Ibafo, Ogun State, and it was a significant moment for both GyC’s career and Bullion Records.

Bullion Records, part of Bullion Go-Neat Global Limited, is known for its innovation in various industries like manufacturing, sports, real estate, and hotel management. Now, they are signing a sensational artiste Kingsley Fortune Ukeme, popularly known as GyC.


The deal means GyC will benefit from Bullion Records’ resources and expertise in managing and promoting musical talent.

The agreement was made willingly, showing that both parties trust and share the same goals.

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With Bullion Records backing him, GyC is set to make a big impact on the music scene, both locally and internationally.

The announcement of GyC’s signing ceremony, scheduled for April 12, 2024, has already created a buzz. Bullion Records promises a glamorous event with music and celebrity guests to welcome GyC to their roster.

This partnership is more than just a record deal; it is about combining artistic vision with industry know-how. GyC’s talent and Bullion Records’ reputation create a promising future in music.


The event will start with a red carpet at 4 pm at South East Asia Restaurant, 64 Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos. It will be a celebration of GyC’s talent, with famous artists and emerging talents coming together.

In an interview with our correspondent, the CEO of the Records Label, Ambassador Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo, said Bullion Records has been in existence since 2011, adding that he has officially been in the music industry since 1997.

Ambassador Ajadi expressed excitement about GyC joining the musical family, highlighting the significance of the signing and the bright prospects ahead for both the artist and the label.


Other representatives from Bullion Records are excited about GyC’s potential to make a mark in the music world. “We are thrilled to have GyC join our musical family,” said Elegbede Femi Ajibola, the Managing Director of Bullion Records.

Comrade Kilamuwaye Badmus, the Head of Financial Director at Bullion Records, added, “GyC represents the future of Nigerian music, and we’re proud to support him. This signing event is just the beginning of an exciting partnership.”

As fans and industry insiders wait for GyC’s first release with Bullion Records, there’s a lot of anticipation. April 12 promises to be a memorable night—a celebration of talent and the bright future of Nigerian music.