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7 Keys To Turning Poverty Into Prosperity



Written By Harold Herring

It was Pastor Joel Osteen, the Houston, Texas-based American Evangelist whose televised sermons are seen by over 7 million viewers weekly in over 100 countries, that said:

“It’s God’s will for you to live in prosperity instead of poverty. It’s God’s will for you to pay your bills and not be in debt.”


As I was meditating on this quote. . .I felt stirred to share how to turn poverty into prosperity.

There are seven truths we must understand about poverty.

First, poverty is the devil’s anointing.


Second, poverty happens inside you before it ever happens around you.

Third, poverty will not keep you out of heaven but it may keep others out.

Fourth, poverty is a dream destroyer.


Fifth, there is something worse than poverty. . .it’s the reason behind poverty … It’s called poor thinking.

Sixth, a poverty mentality will hold a person hostage to the belief that there’s no other choice. . .no way out and that is a totally unscriptural philosophy.

Luke 1:37 in the Amplified Bible says: “For with God nothing is ever impossible and no word from God shall be without power or impossible of fulfillment.”


Seventh, being poor is a choice. . .anywhere in the world but especially if you live in the United States.

Job 36:15 says: “He delivereth the poor in his affliction, and openeth their ears in oppression.”

Deuteronomy 15:4-5 in the Amplified Bible says: “But there will be no poor among you, for the Lord will surely bless you in the land which the Lord your God gives you for an inheritance to possess, If only you carefully listen to the voice of the Lord your God, to do watchfully all these commandments which I command you this day.”


There are seven keys found in those two verses of Deuteronomy 15:4-5

First, there will be NO poor among you.

When we’re obedient to His instructions. . .when we hold fast to the confession of our faith. . .then there will be no poor among us.


Deuteronomy 15:5 provides us the specifics on how to fight poverty.

“If only you carefully listen to the voice of the Lord your God, to do watchfully all these commandments which I command you this day.”

Please note it’s not a governmental initiative. . .it’s not an outreach or humanitarian program with a local church or ministry.


The key to eradicating poverty is simply obedience to the Word of God.

Second, the Lord will bless you.

It’s wonderful when you are blessed by birthday and/or Christmas gifts from relatives and friends.  We’re always pleased and blessed by their generosity.


Even if Donald Trump or Warren Buffet are in your family. . .the blessing of their wealth may be fleeting but the wealth and blessings of God. . .never run out.

James 1:17 in the Amplified Bible says:

“Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above; it comes down from the Father of lights [the Creator and Sustainer of the heavens], in whom there is no variation [no rising or setting] or shadow cast by His turning [for He is perfect and never changes].”


Psalm 84:4-5 in the Amplified Bible says:“Blessed and greatly favored are those who dwell in Your house and Your presence;

They will be singing Your praises all the day long.  Blessed and greatly favored is the man whose strength is in You. . .”

Our greatest blessings come from our Lord.  He’s the One who opens the flood gates for you.


Third, God is giving you an inheritance to possess.

Isaiah 54:17 says:

“No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.”


According to Strong’s Concordance the Hebrew word for heritage is H5159 and it’s defined as:

“possessions, property, inheritance, heritage”

So we’re talking about much more than a spiritual heritage. . .we talking financial inheritance.


The word for heritage H5159 is in the King James Version of the Bible a total of 222 times in 191 verses.  In 191 of those occasions it’s translated as inheritance.


All we have to do. . .is reach out and accept what is already ours in the spirit. . .it just needs to manifest in the natural.


Fourth, If only. . .If only is the lament of those who thought about it. . .talked about it. . .dreamed about it but never did it.


If only I’d done this or that. . .then this would have happened.


Proverbs 5:12-14 in The Living Bible says:

“And you say, “Oh, if only I had listened! If only I had not demanded my own way! Oh, why wouldn’t I take advice? Why was I so stupid?  For now I must face public disgrace.”

One of the biggest problems is that we get ourselves in trouble. . .and yes, even sin by demanding to do things our way.  We sometimes have this “it’s all about me” kind of attitude.


Fifth, you listen to His voice.

There are many voices. . .wanting you to listen to them. . .take their advice. . .do what they suggest or subtly tell you to do.

If I know who you listen to. . .I will know where you will end up in life. Micah 7:7 in the Message Bible says:



“But me, I’m not giving up. I’m sticking around to see what God will do. I’m waiting for God to make things right. I’m counting on God to listen to me.”



God will listen to you. . .as you listen to Him.

Sixth, do all His commandments



Would you like a good reason to do all His commandments?  I could give you several scriptural answers to this question. . .but one is all we need.


Deuteronomy 28:1-2 in the Amplified Bible says:


“If you will listen diligently to the voice of the Lord your God, being watchful to do all His commandments which I command you this day, the Lord your God will set you high above all the nations of the earth.

2 And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you if you heed the voice of the Lord your God.”

Seventh, which he will give you this day.



Psalm 35:27 says:

“Let them shout for joy, and be glad, that favour my righteous cause: yea, let them say continually, Let the Lord be magnified, which hath pleasure in the prosperity of his servant.”


I strongly recommend that you personalize Psalm 35:27.

“Let Randy and Laurel shout for joy, and be glad, he favours their righteous cause: yea, let him say continually, Let the Lord be magnified, which hath pleasure in the prosperity of Randy and Laurel, his servants.”

Clearly, God wants your bills paid, your needs met and your family blessed.


Psalm 84:11 in the Amplified Bible says:


“For the Lord God is a Sun and Shield; the Lord bestows [present] grace and favor and [future] glory (honor, splendor, and heavenly bliss)! No good thing will He withhold from Larry and Gena who walk uprightly.”


God’s WORD Translation says:  “…He does not hold back any blessing…”

Deuteronomy 28:11-12 says:

11 And the Lord shall make you have a surplus of prosperity, through the fruit of your body, of your livestock, and of your ground, in the land which the Lord swore to your fathers to give you.


The Lord will make you have a surplus of prosperity. . .not a government stimulus package not even an inheritance from a rich relative.

Notice the scripture doesn’t say He will give you a surplus of poverty.  No, He will give you a surplus of prosperity.

This verse even shows a variety of ways in which God can get money to you.


Why is He blessing you so?  It’s simple. . .He promised our forefathers.

“12 The Lord shall open to you His good treasury, the heavens, to give the rain of your land in its season and to bless all the work of your hands; and you shall lend to many nations, but you shall not borrow.

No question. . .God wants to turn our poverty and lack. . .into prosperity.


However, I need to point out. . .that you play a significant role in the effectiveness of your turnaround specialist.


Mark 1:15 in the Amplified Bible says:


“And saying, The [appointed period of] time is fulfilled (completed), and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent (have a change of mind which issues in regret for past sins and in change of conduct for the better) and believe (trust in, rely on, and adhere to) the good news (the Gospel).”

Mark 1:15 in the Message Bible says: “He said, “The time has come, and the kingdom of God is near. Change the way you think and act, and believe the Good News.”

This is how you turn poverty into prosperity.I have a quote on poverty from Mother Teresa which is about the kind of poverty we can all prevent.  She said:


“We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty.”

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