Obtain 10 Distinctions In One WAEC, NECO exam, Here’s How


To obtain 10 Distinctions or clear Alphas (As) in one examination may seem a bit difficult, but it is not totally impossible.

Whether you are writing the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) or National Examinations Council (NECO), to obtain 10 distinctions and several As is actually possible.

Experience has shown that all you need is follow our trusted principles and you would see yourself coming out in flying colours.

And no university admission would be that impossible if you are able to obtain 10 distinctions.

Talk of prime universities like the University of Lagos, University of Nigeria (UNN Nsukka, University of Ibadan, and Nnamdi Azikiwe University to mention a few, good grades will always open their admission doors.

How then do you obtain 10 distinctions in your examinations?

  • The right mindset

Ask anybody who ever attained anything worthwhile, the first step is that they had to believe that it is possible.

The possibility mentality eventually acts as your driver towards your desired goal. Even when you encounter mometary obstacles, the possibility mentality helps to

There is nothing that one would be able to achieve if he never had the faith in the first place. The scripture also says that as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.

preparing for exams
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  • Do thorough investigations

You also need to research on how success in your field is possible. It is interest that has attracted you to reading this article. Successful power devote time to research in the things they want to go into, so that they would understand what and what it requires.

Researching here includes noting and getting the required texts for the exam you want to sit. Thus, get the current WAEC or NECO syllabus

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  • Follow a schedule

To obtain 10 distinctions, you would need to do away with a casual attitude. By this we mean you should draw a personal time table of study, allocating more study times for those subjects which seem to be challenging.

  • Best study programme

You also need a proper self evaluation in terms of best study techniques to adopt. Some people do well when they prepare for exams via group studies. Others are better off studying alone. For some, enrolling in a preparatrory class bouys their confidence; to obtain 10 distinctions, go for the study programme that suits your mentality. There is nothing to be ashamed of, if you need closer supervision.

  • Please follow your study schedule

We have said that to obtain 10 distinctions in your examinations, that you need discipline. Good if you have drawn a reading table; better still if you can follow it.

Most examinations run a one year cycle. Begin early to prepare. Structure your preparation such that you would cover the syllabus and still have time for revision. in fact, some people strife to cover the syllabus twice, with enough time to do revision before the examination.

  • Test your readiness

Do not just read and read, assuming that everything is sinking in;  develop the habit of testing your understanding of the things read within reasonable intervals.

It could be per topic, or it could also be per day etc. You could also seek someone else to conduct a mock examination for you, but someone whom you look up, not really a friend with whom you may not be serious.  

  • Score Your Self

At the end of the mock examination, what are your scores, in fact, do not try to rationalize your bad performances; be concerned and next, determine to exceed current performances.

  • Quality Time

To obtain 10 distinctions, you need quality preparation time. Except for individuals of exceptional brilliance, there is just no how a thirty minutes study per day for a serious examination, can suffice.

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  • Find time to Recreate

As much as you want to obtain 10 distinctions in an examination, do not suffocate yourself preparing. We mean that you should find time to unwind within your study periods.  You may need to take a walk, just relax or take a disciplined walk.  

Not however, that you would require strong discipline to unwind and still return to serious study.

  • Arrive Early

Arrive your exam venues well ahead of start time. You may require to first go and discover the centre where you would be sitting the examination. Doing so on the exam day may expose you to unnecessary pressures and disorganize you before the papers come.


Keep a date with us here as we unveil other important things related to excellence in your education. 10 distinctions in one exam is possible.

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