NIJ Provost’s Cup 2019, And The Winners Are…


It was a sad evening yesterday for the Higher National Diploma (HND) classes of the Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ) as its male and female representatives lost the finals of the Provost’s Cup.

While the HND Two female team bowed 0-2 to the National Diploma (ND) 2 counterparts in the girls’final, a similar thing happened in the males’ final.

In that category, the ND part time team defeated their HND1 counterparts on a similar goal margin.

In the first encounter, the ND2 Females, spearheaded by Grace Tanimola, really pulled their stunts in knocking out the feathers of the HND2 females.

Even when fortune seemed to have smiled on the HND girls through the award of a penalty,  the key attacker failed in converting it.

Scorers in the game were Grace and Harvey Rerri, and by the time the final whistle went, it was all agony for the losing team whose members also alleged unfair officiating on the side of the referee..

  In male category, ND Part-time hit hard on their HND1 opponents even while they complained of the over inflated ball.

They narrowly scored a fantastic goal minutes before the final whistle which crown them winners of the Provost’s Cup in the male category.

Players of  the ND part-time from the Defenders straight to the strikers were happy. The HND full-time bowed their head in shame because the admit the relaxed and lost communications between themselves.

ND part time goal scorer, Daniel Ogunbiyi later told our correspondent: “I saw the opportunity and i made sure i utilise it well”.

His strike drew applause from fans by the stands who majorly his classmates.

The cup handing over was performed by the deputy Provost, Dr Jide Johnson

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