Inspiring, Rare Qualities Of The Eagle That You Must Imbibe

The Eagle is a rare bird with inspiring qualities that anyone who desires success in life should note if not wholly imbibe.

Many things about it, show that the bird is dignity unmatched and royalty unequaled. No other bird elicits as much inspiring and rare qualities as the does The Eagle.

Symbol of prestige, icon of bravery, epitome of beauty and courage personified to mention some.

The Eagle is inspiring being a symbol of power, freedom, honour, pride and grace

Ms.Jemi Sudhakar, calls the Eagle, the challenger of the storm;

Ms.Mirlande Chery, calls it a highflyer possessing unique tenacity;

And “Look at great leaders who have come and gone in the world and you’ll see they share the characteristic of Eagle-like vision, with the ability to both see reality clearly as it is in the present, as well as make accurate predictions about the future. Here is, in some cultures, a bird associated with good fortune and privilege”, Ian D Hetri charges.

There are usually legends and mythologies associated with any rare creature, the Eagle inclusive. Here, the Mexican mythology which believes the bird to touch the face of God comes readily to mention.

And from a verity of sources, we have pieced together, the attributes associated with The Eagle. It is not for the sake of it, but that looking at these, you could be re-motivated re-energised, and your output more efficient.

The Eagle Has A Precise Vision

The accuracy of The Eagle’s visioning process is rare, in that it could focus far as 5km away, a power of focus that helps its precision in attacking prey.

From gliding in the sky, to sitting on a tree branch high up, this bird is ever alert, with this strong visioning power.

In flight, the head tilts from side to side in its sustained visioning process; it must not miss any movement of importance.

Eagles have extremely powerful vision as its eyes are specially designed for long-distance focus with clarity.


Four to eight times stronger than that of the average human, its eyes are regarded as one of the strongest pairs in the entire animal kingdom.

Series of mechanical exercises occur in its linear muscles as it descends for attack, continuously adjusting the curvature of the eyeballs in order to maintain sharp focus.

The Eagle is a highflyer

The Eagle does not sit, nor fly with other birds. It is not a low ranger, but takes to heights that clearly distinguish it.

The Eagle Keeps Its Prestige

The Eagle has its pride, feeds on fresh prey.

For other animals, anything goes, so long it meets immediate needs, not so The Eagle. It does not feed on carcass, but fresh Pre.

The Eagle Is Not Afraid Of Challenges

The Eagle is not afraid of challenges and this accounts to why it loves the storm.

This accounts to why, while others are soaring away from the storm, The Eagle flies towards it, using the accompanying wind to lift itself higher. Once through with the thrust, it could then rest its wings.

The Eagle Is Tenacious, Patient

The Eagle does not give in easily, but takes on tenacity as a garment of existence.

That’s why a male Eagle is able to cope with the mating hurdles usually put on its way by the female specie.

When they met and are about to mate, she flies down to earth, picks a twig and flies back into the air with the male Eagle in hot pursuit. From a high altitude, she drops the twig and watches if the male could catch it before it reaches the ground.

As the alert male catches and returns the twig, the female eagle grabs the twig and flies to a much higher altitude; she keeps repeating the test, until assured of the male counterpart’s commitment.

Then and only then will she agree to a mating. Giving in is not just in the dictionary of The Eagle once established that the course is worthy.


The Eagle Prepares Its Young

Once Baby Eagles hatch, the parent Eagles are present to nurture them, the female about 90% of the time, and the male about 50% of the time in the nest. At least one of the parents is at the nest almost all of the time.

From birth, the young are directly fed raw and fresh meat, up to seven time daily.

However, much as Eagles provide good shields for their young, they let them take responsibility at due time. In preparing them for flying, they remove the feathers and soft grass in the nest to make the young ones get uncomfortable. The unbearable state of affairs conditions the minds of the young eagle for all-important maiden flight.

The Eagle Knows How To Regenerate

One Biblical prayer that Christians reiterate, is that on being regenerated in strength like the Eagle. It is not a mere play in words.

When the Eagle’s weathers become weak and can no longer sustain its high flying quests, it does not sit by and wait to die. Rather, it retires to a place far away in the mountains, plucks out the weak feathers and breaks its beaks and claws against the rocks.

A bloody and painful process, but the Eagle does not stop until it is completely bare. Conscious of its dignity, it does not show up until new and pretty feathers emerge in the place of the furlong and ugly ones.  

The Eagle Is A Fearless Hunter

The videos of Eagles hauling huge goats over distances are pretty common sights online. It is much the same, its fierce confrontations with other animals, of even more body weights. An eagle will never surrender to its prey, no matter its strength or size. Golden Eagles are said to be even fiercer, in this hunting style of hauling the target against strong objects for killer effects.

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