I Made A Terrible Mistake Marrying My Husband, Wife Tells Court


An Ikeja Magistrate Court in Lagos On Friday dissolved a five-year old marriage between one Suliyat and Ridwan Alani over allegation of illicit affairs and lack of care

In dissolving the marriage, the court president, Ademola Odunade granted Suliyat, custody of their four year old child and ordered Ridwan to be providing a sum of five thousand naira as the monthly allowance for the upkeep of the child in addition to being responsible for his education and other welfare.

The petitioner Suliyat , had told the court that her husband was found of abandoning her for his lover:

“My lord, I made terrible mistake when i decided to marry Ridwan five years ago . Because he does not take of me and our child

“Anytime he returns from work, Ridwan leaves home to spend his time with a young girl near our house

“In fact, he locked me outside one day when I went to search for him in the night.

“That night, my child and I slept outside because he prevented us from entering the house.

“I am tired of Ridwan’s maltreatment and I no longer love him”, Suliyat said.

Ridwan, a mechanic did not deny the allegations leveled against him, but added that his wife was a cheat who and a lay about. He continued:

“My lord, I can’t count how many times I have established business for Suliyat and on many occasions, her shop was burgled among the set of shops in the neigbourhood.

My findings revealed that some of those men that sleep with her also come around to rob her”.  .

Ridwan also alleged that Suliyat acquired a loan from a micro finance bank and that he was forced to repay the loan because she had become bankrupt .

“Suliyat is not a sincere wife. I have done everything humanly possible to make her turn a new leaf, but she remained adamant”, Ridwan said.

The court president, Ademola Odunade, after listening to the parties, decided to dissolve the marriage.

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