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Horrific Things A Father Did To His Own Children



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A magistrate court has heard in a solemn atmosphere, horrific things that a father did to his biological children, aged 10 and three, and another one aged five.

The deeds were confirmed by a medical doctor from Arthur Davison Children’s Hospital (ADCH) in Ndola, Zambia, reports say.

46-year-old biological father, Raphael Chileshe, a business executive of Pamodzi Township sôdomized his two children, medical reports from the hospital has indicated.


He now faces two counts of sodômy and one count of indecent assault, according to the account as by Zambia Observer online.

The first of the horrific things was perpetrated on July 1, 2022: Chileshe allegedly sodômised his two children aged 10 and three and indecently assaulted another child aged five.

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When the case came up before Ndola Magistrate Brian Simachela, Chekase Kaluba 29, a medical doctor of Kansenshi from ADCH told the court that while she was at work she attended to two children who their mother alleged that they were sôdomised by their biological father.

“Their mother told me that both children were complaining that there anûses were paining and upon getting the history from the mother I examined the two children on their bodies,” she said.

Dr Kaluba said that she positioned the two children on the knee down position and that she observed that the anûs was dilated about a centimeter in diameter.


She said that the anûs could not have been open if something was not inserted on it because under normal circumstances it was supposed to be closed.

Dr Kaluba said that she did some samples for routine medical tests in the presence of the police officers since it was a suspected defilement and recorded her findings in the patient medical file.

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However she said that opening of the anûs could be caused by any type of contact intentional or accidental and that she physically examined the distance of the opening of the anus .

Dr Kaluba said that her findings were consistent that the children were sodomised.

Magistrate Simachela adjourned the case to March 7, 2024 for continuation of trial.