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Glamorous Lady Recounts Shocking Experience With Teenage Boy



Glamorous Lady Recounts Shocking Experience With Teenage Boy

By Cami Ezenwa

A glamorous lady has recounted the shocking experience she got from a boy on her way, to a supermarket in Abuja to pick up some items

Of course, being a glamorous lady, she is used to getting admirers, but this one beat her hollow. Number one, it was unprepared for, and secondly, it came from a teenager young enough to be her son.


She tells the story herself.

Something happened to me the other day. I had this terrible experience that I feel I should share with people so that we all should join forces to proffer a solution to it.

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I don’t know where the problem is coming from, I can’t say exactly where the fault is from. I don’t know if the fault is from the government, our parents or from the society.

I cannot say exactly where this problem is coming from.

But the experience was not a beautiful one, it was a terrible experience and I felt so bad for that particular boy because I saw him struggling, in fact, it was a terrible experience.


Let just tell the story the way it happened.

I went to the supermarket to pick some things for myself. So, as I was busy picking one or two things, ..we were like three persons where I wanted to pick things from. Then, I noticed somebody greeting me.

Initially, I did not see him, it was one of those people who was signalling me that someone was hailing me, someone was greeting me. And the person greeting me, when I looked around, he said Ezenwanyi. (fitting Igbo epithet for glamorous lady or queen).


I have not started practicing spiritualism or whatever but this person, I don’t know what prompted him to call me Ezenwanyi.

So for the fact that he called me Ezenwanyi, I now paid attention to him. I greeted him Ndewoo.

He walked up to me and started greeting me: He showed me one key and said he lodged in a hotel very close and that right now, he left his phone inside that hotel too.


“Ezenwanyi kee ka imere (Glamorous lady or queen, how do you do?) I said I was fine. I said I was good.

I thought maybe, he was trying to pass a message ..that was what my mind was telling me.

And this boy that called me this Ezenwanyi was between the age of 20-25. He was not over 20/25.
He is a very young boy. I am not his mother but I don’t think he is between the age of 20 and 25.. he has not crossed 25 years of age.


And when he came closer, we now exchanged pleasantries. I greeted him and I was expecting him to pass his message, to deliver his message, all of a sudden, he said, can I excuse him for, like one minute to shift from the people? I excused him thinking maybe, he wanted to give me a message..

He showed me a key and said that he lodged in a hotel very close to the place I was and he showed me a hotel key and that he left his phone inside that hotel to come and pick something up from the supermarket, and that he would love to have my number.

I said, have my number for what? Because the matter did change, it was not what I was expecting. I said, have my number for what? He said, no, just to have my number, maybe after my shopping, I can come and he would service me. And that after servicing me, I could give him any amount I have.


My goodness, I looked at this boy. I asked him, what did you say?

He said no, that he is very strong, that I should not mind his age, that he is very strong, that he can service me. And after all is said and done, whatever I have, I can give him.

I was shocked. I asked him, was that why you lodged yourself in a hotel, looking for people to service? He said, no, that he just came there.
I said, you just came to a supermarket to look for a woman?


So, let me tell you, see this hookup of a thing, men are into it full time. Women are not the only ones doing it. This one is paining me because that boy is still very young. And he was looking so innocent, too young to be indulging in such a thing.

Does it mean that he went and rented a room and was now looking for women to service? I asked him, how old are you, and he said, I should forget about age, that age is just a number.