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Facebook, Instagram, Zenith Bank APP Users Face Frustration Accessing Service



Zenith Bank APP Users Face Frustration

It has been a really frustrating moment for Facebook, Instagram and Zenith Bank APP users following down time in their operations.

The Eagle correspondent investigations show that though quite a good a number of Zenith Bank APP users have been complaining all week over inability to transact with the AP for basic services like buying of data and making of transfers.

A similar case with social media giants,– Facebook and Twitter manifested today as subscribers were shocked to discover they could not access their accounts.


A user of the two media accounts, Owoeye Olawande told our correspondent that it was a colleague who drew his attention to the downtime on Facebook and that his initial reaction was that the account must have been hacked.

“After several accounts to log in, I re-checked my account to check if it was a general issue.

“As soon as I opened the app,I was logged out automatically


“Other persons I checked with said they were facing the same issue.

“Immediately I logged in to X to track up the news, “Facebook is down”, was trending. I had to wait till it was restored”, he said.

Another social media user, Christiana Okosun complained also that she had a tough time trying to access her accounts on Facebook.


At a point, she said, she was forced to keep changing log in details without making a headway.

It was later that it dawned on her that there was downtime on the two social media platforms.

Mide Obatayo said: “I don’t’s even know how to explain my experience, I was sweating trying to log into Facebook.


“It was later this night that when I entered a bus that I understood what was happening.

“Two men were discussing their experience on Facebook and that when I got to know what happened”.

“The other guy said Elon Musk came in to tweet on Instagram that he was going to shut down Facebook for a while”, she recalled.


A Punch report on the same issue highlighted some users sharing their experience corroborated that users face frustration accessing service on those platforms:

It cited ann X user named Peace Ighodaro (@peace_igho) who tweeted, “Who logged us out of Facebook ooo”

Another citation was that of a New York-based user, Lidia Curanaj (@LidiaNews), who tweeted “Facebook and Instagram down” while a social media influencer in the Philippines, @RealRazziebinx, tweeted, “Is it just me or Facebook logged me out? I guess the world is ending.. see you guys.”


In a related development, do users face frustration accessing services on the Zenith bank APP? Many customers of the bank answered the question

Madam Jane Chimezie, a beverage dealer at the Ogba market told our correspondent that both she and her husband face frustration accessing service on their Zenith apps.

“I have not been able to do transfers, the same with my husband, in fact, he is most hit because he uses a lot of data, and he has not been able to buy via his bank for a lot time now”.


Unable to bear to frustration she said she was forced to open a new account with a very new bank.

A man who simply identified himsef at the Ishaga market, told our correspondent: “It was because I wanted better service that I moved to Zenith about five years ago, but now the network interruptions have been unbearable.

“I cannot remember the last time I used that app without slow down”.


An elderly man stormed out of the premises of the bank in Ogba today, fuming.

Though he could not say his name, he said, the bank app had been failing in the recent, and that repeated complaints had not yielded results.