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How 5G Will Change Everything – MTN CEO, Karl Toriola



How 5G Will Change Everything - MTN CEO, Karl Toriola

By Tolulope Oke

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MTN Nigeria, Karl Toriola has stated that the commencement of the fifth generation (5G) service in the country will change and improve the internet experience.

Giving his speech at the official launch of the 5G Network service on Sunday, Toriola noted that every major technological evolution changes the way people live, the way they connect, thereby changing what is possible.

He said GSM took phone calls on the road, 2G added texting to the experience (and created a whole new language), 3G brought the internet to phones, and 4G made video widely available on mobiles.


In his words, “5G will change everything. It will allow us to connect, create, collaborate, and compete in ways we cannot imagine yet. Today we will show you a glimpse of the many possibilities 5G has in store. What is most important is what you and every Nigerian can create with it.”

The launch comes on the heels of the pilot launch in August, which operated at one hundred and ninety sites across the country but mainly in Lagos and Abuja.

Mafab Communications, the other 5G license winner, has been handed a five-month extension for the service’s implementation in Nigeria.

According to Mafab, the licenses were expected to start the implementation of 5G services starting from August 24, 2022, in accordance with the stipulations of the 5G licence. However, due to delays in getting its UASL and Numbering plan, which was not until the end of July, Mafab has been given a five-month extension.

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