Why We Sell Our Votes, Nigerians


With recent happenings in the country as a background, our reporter went to town to pose the question: why do people sell their votes? The responses are as interesting as they are useful:

The reason why people sell their vote is because of policy apathy to politics. Political apathy means having less or no interest in politics. One of the effects of this is that they sell their votes; Such people usually are not interested in coming out during election. What I mean by having political apathy to politics is:

But generally, money or material things make Nigerians sell their votes, And also, the belief that is and also feel corruption is hard to stop in Nigeria so what they do is to play along.

–Ayodele Adeyemi , a student


Selfishness that leads to selflessness, thinking of what they could gain at that moment forgetting about the future of their children and and their future.

–Leonard Oke, a graduate of University of Lagos .


This is Nigeria, all Nigerians have problems, I don’t know your problem you don’t know mine until you come closer to me and you talk to me about your problem.

The reason why Nigerians sell their vote is because there is no good job, I graduated from Lagos State university in Igando, look at me I am a tiler .

During election if they give me money I will sell my vote, it is money that everybody is looking for.

–Julius Agu a tiler


I won’t sell my vote because of money if I know the person may be a good leader, I will not sell my vote how much are they going to give me.

–Muritala Ola,a tiler


Nigerians sell their votes because of the way the government is. The last time I voted was at Oke-Ira area of Ogba in Ikeja Lagos and someone close to me in actually transacted with his card, selling it for N5,000.

I didn’t vote during the last election, I just pray God will give us a good leaders, because our vote doesn’t count. Those in power usually know who would be elected.

Seun Sunday, a trader

I can’t really vote because it doesn’t count when you vote. Some people somewhere just stay somewhere and rig it.  So, why voting.

-Judge Williams , a business man.

I believe it is the situation in this country, majorly because of financial difficulty that is making people not to value their votes.  I will say all Nigerians are ready to sell their votes because of what they are going through, different people with different predicament.

Olanrenwaju Jones.

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