Who Cheats The Most In Relationships, Ladies Or Guys?

By Eluwande Idera

Idera Eluwande

There is really no need to beat about the bush on this controversial issue because cheating is the order of the day in relationships. I get really confused at why people cheat: could it be lack of contentment or just the quest to explore. When you ask whypeople cheat, they give different reasons for doing that.

Why opt for cheating when you can just walk out of the relationship. An average guy will say “na normal level”. How is cheating normal? Is a question I am yet to get answers to. Let’s not drift away from the main issue. Since they say cheating is a normal phenomenon, the question is: who cheats most in relationships? Ladies or Guys? Our respondents have these to say;

I cannot categorically tell you what gender cheats the most. Cheating is not only when you have sex with somebody who is not your spouse, but it starts from the very moment you start flirting with somebody who isn’t your spouse. So I would say both parties cheat but I think ladies are more careful not to get caught.

– Miss Ifeoluwa Osindeinde, Pro MUA.

Guys cheat more than ladies. If a lady should cheat on a guy that means the guy is lacking in some expectations of the lady. Some ladies cheat because of attention, financial instability of the guy while some cheat because they have once been hurt in their relationships.

The only reason why guys cheat is because they want to prove they are superior, they want to show muscle, flex around and satisfy their uncontrollable urge. Therefore, guys cheat the most.

Miss Ope Ajetunmobi, self-employed.

When it comes to cheating in relationships,guys cheat because we are insatiable as far as relationship is concerned, so we tend to satisfy ourselves. Mind you, there are also few insatiable ladies out there too who cheat on their men.

I just think cheating ladies are not as rampant as cheating guys. Guys always have nothing to loose so we(guys) are at liberty to do so, but ladies always have this fear of been used and dumped, so we don’t have so many of them cheat. So I can say boldly that guys cheat more than ladies in both relationships and marriages.

-Mr James Ifedapo, teacher.

Ladies cheat more because they lure guys into cheating…..with their body language, outfits and the likes, guys only play along. But sincerely, they(guys) have so many things to put up with, because it is still the same ladies that will collect money and drain the guy’s blood.

-Mr Olakunle Fashina, civil servant


In my own opinion, the ladies cheat most because we as ladies are never contented at all with the little, we always wish we were getting more. So, we are dating one guy and consciously cheat with other guys, from there we fall heads over hills with the guy we cheat with because he is meeting our needs.

What I mean is that we love our boyfriend o but because of luxury that we are enticed with,we look outside and still want to stay with the one we love.

-Miss Lucy, Editor


Basically it’s a 50: 50 ratio because each of them gives a reason for their cheating. But, the bottom lines is that cheating is due to lack of communication, unfinished emotional tangle, lack of satisfaction emotionally, psychologically and physically.

But if I am to answer the question directly, ladies cheat more because they could easily develop a soft heart.

-Mr David Awobotu, auditor


We guys cheat the most because our urge is endlessly insatiable, as simple as that. It only takes courage for a man to stay faithful to his partner.

-Mr Malik Lawal.


The answer is so simple yet dicey because both parties cheat;  the difference is guys make it obvious or can be easily caught but ladies keep it a secret and can for a very long time.

-Mr Collins Obong

Guys cheats the most because they don’t know what they want, ” Ojukokoro”(greed), they want to have it all. They want her to be sexy, good in bed, hardworking, smart, intelligent, good attitude, good cook, dresses well, romantic, lady that can endure their shit and so on. Is it possible for a lady to have it all? In the quest of finding this lady that doesn’t exist, they must have test run plenty ladies.

-Miss Debo, business woman

I think guys cheat more. But who are they cheating with? Is it not the same girls?

And I can also say this…Both parties cheat.

To say the one that cheat most is kind of hard, according to my first point, If a guy want to cheat he will do it with another lady and if a lady want to cheat she will do another guy.

-Miss Kenny, a researcher


From my own perspective, cheating is cheating, there is no need to sugar-coat it. Whoever cheats more ain’t the issue, the honest truth is cheating is bad and there is no excuse for it.

If you not getting what you want in a relationship or you want more, it is as simple as the alphabets, “take a walk”.

There is no one that can query anyone for opting out of a relationship, it’s better than indulging yourself in cheating. I don’t think there is a superiority about who cheats more, the fact is ” Both parties cheat “.

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