Professor Vibes Releases New Single For Lovers


The versatile Professor Vibes of reggae dancehall fame, is set to drop another single, a few hours to Valentine Day.

According to this talented act, the song titled Love Crush is dedicated to Akwa Ibom girls and other lovely ladies around the world, for their homely and hospitable nature.

The song which was produced, mixed  and mastered by Froz, and Noble Sound is well composed, rythmic and lyrical with vocal well harmonised.

The song is unique for its danceable tune that can get anyone to his toes.

Besides, the production is obviously unique.

In the chorus,  he poured out his heart for the Akwa Ibom girl, describing her as a care giver, and adding: “I love her so much, me do anything but me no leave am ,her style is so porsh”, he sings in the single.

One good thing about Professor Vibes is that he is outstanding in being original. In other words, he refuses to sound like anyone else rather than him.

This, no doubt will make him to be relevant and also be one of the hopes of reggae dancehall music in Nigeria.

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