Mass Communication Careers & How To Excel In Them

Mass Communication Careers
Editions:PDF - First Edition

The purpose of this book is clear from its title -Mass Communication careers and how to excel in them.

It not only unveils those mines of opportunities available in the field, but also discusses how to excel in them, and it is this latter standpoint, more than anything else, that makes it a different book.

Mass Communication careers and how to excel in them, is a product of several years of engaging practice in the field of Journalism, complemented by real time experience lecturing and interacting with Mass Communication students and their quest for a career direction.

Even for “outsiders”, those who join the practice from other disciplines, it provides tutorship on how to get mainstreamed.

It is certainly a book like no other.


In about two decades working as a journalist with various media establishments, as well as in lecturing at a Mass Communication training institution, I have come to realise that not many of the people who are thrilled by the prospects of work in a Mass Media environment, possess the right prerequisites.

Reviews:Dr Dele Omojuyigbe, wrote:

Mass Communication Careers & How to Excel in Them, is an uncommon career book which couldn’t have come at a better time. It potentially satisfies the glaring curiosity of mass communication graduates in their quest for career direction. The book fits perfectly into the present hard realities as it seeks to solve biting unemployment problems through counselling.

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